Melting equipment:
Cupola and electrical furnaces with a melting capacity of 850 metric tons of liquid metal per month

Green sand molding process:
Automated Hunter molding machine 20”x24”.
Different sizes of squeezers.
Cars for molds handling.
Floor molding.
Green sand Mill mixers B & P

No bake molding process:
Floor molding.
Molding with a Carrousel system aid 34”x36”.
Mechanical sand reclaims systems.
Continuous PALMER mixers for sand preparation.

Cores productions process:
Shell sand cores (Dependables 100 and 200 and Shalcos
No bake cores.
Cold box cores.

Machinery and equipment to adapt used tooling to our foundry process, to make minor repairs on existing tooling. To build new pattern equipment or make engineering major changes of existing tooling thru our certified base of external pattern shops that support us.

Sand lab.
Equipment to determine: moisture, resistance, permeability. Compactability , AFS Distribution , Percentage of active clay, Methylene sand clay tester. LOI Test.
PH Grade and ADV test.

Metalurgical lab.

Spectrometer (Chemical analysis of 22 elements).
Datacast. Microscope for microstructure analysis. Immersion pyrometer, brinell Hardness tester, Ultrasound test and we outsource with external certified labs the mechanical properties determination and “X” Ray test.

Cleaning and primer application equipment.Rotoblast and Pagnborn cleaning machines
Wheelabrator machines.
Partially Automatic line for primer application on castings.
Primer coating for castings.
Dry film thickness.

Additional processes we outsource.

Machining operations
Bake primer application
Heat treatment.


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